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DAISY'S COMPACT MICE Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in the "daisy's compact mice" journal:
February 25th, 2005
01:53 am


i miss...
hipster zine
dance party explosion
greatest song ever
nothing to write home about
let me teach you
oi song
right to fuck
microwave hate
the new song
balled of tom anderson
i'm not xena i'm lucy lawless
spontaneous carnival whore
i deserve love
tony's song
jesus fuck

Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: bikini kill - i like fucking

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August 6th, 2004
12:00 am


2 minute promo

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August 4th, 2004
03:00 pm


since i know the mice like the boner...
They'll be tearing the lounge up at the garage this saturday, while playing their intire first album "fun with poop." Think it's a joke? Come and show how tough you are when the holographic enemies tear your hardcore face in two.

Who else is playing?

Red From Winter - Think of the Blood Brothers with less keyboards and crappier lyrics. If you're into two boys screaming together and banging on keyboards, these boys will make you cream your pants.

Daisy's Compact Mice - Sometimes refered to as the local verison of Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, or Yeah Yeah Yeahs, these girls who opened up for the electro-pop rapper Peaches and uber-funkster Har Mar Superstar will make you dance all night long while clapping your hands and shaking your hips. They'll also have their new "RUNT EP" for sale. Recorded right therre at the Garage.

Daisy's Compact Mice will also be bringing Noize Poison along for the ride. Pure punk that will bring the mosh more than your mom. Don't forget to put on your studs and jean jackets on for this one kids.

Caution Peanut - Metreosexual rockers who aren't quite metreosexual. And well, aren't quite rockers. They'll make you dance, dance, and well... dance. These cats will also have a new cd for sale; their first length "SAY EXPLOSION" will be selling itself for $10.

Usual time (doors: 6:30). Usual place (the garage). Usual cost ($5).

join us, bitches.


also playing: Cash Money Trillionaires, Lookdown, and IO. Whom I know nothing about.

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July 31st, 2004
11:45 pm



email daisyscompactemail@yahoo.com if you want one.

1. let me teach you
2. oi song
3. 4:48 am
4. rag
5. right to fuck
6. mitochondriarama

i don't think that's the right order at all, but you get the idea.

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July 25th, 2004
03:29 pm


what does dcm sound like?

cute punk that pee's in your soup
cute punk that knifes you on the toilet
cute punk that sleeps for days then flys a helocopter
cute punk that eats the shit of old men and devours birds
cute punk that pukes in bottles
cute punk that clicks it's heels and swims to japan
cute punk that poops candy
cute punk for people who hate cute punk
cute punk that pops in your mouths and melts on your face
cute punk that whips golfballs at your shitface escalade.
cute punk that makes midgets cry.
cute punk that sucks.
cute punk that eats it's young.
cute punk that kills it's mate.
cute punk that nibbles on kitten bones.
cute punk played by three retards and corrie
cute punk that crawls in your ear and gives birth to the apocolypse.
cute punk that explodes into sparkles and light.
cute punk that explodes into sparkles and piss.
cute punk that explodes.
cute punk that smells like cotton candy and tastes like pennies.
cute punk that pees in your pepsi.
cute punk that poops on your eyebrows.
cute punk that sticks to the roof of your mouth.
cute punk that causes gingavitis.
cute punk that sleeps in a drawer.
cute punk that punches sharks.
cute punk that can't open a pickle jar.
cute punk you can't trust.
cute punk that ate your boyfriends gas cap.
cute punk that shits butterflies.

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July 24th, 2004
03:34 am


if anyone has myspace, dcm is on there now. add us as a friend.


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July 21st, 2004
03:59 am



Current Music: f.o.d. - green day

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July 19th, 2004
02:27 am



Current Music: freddie freeloader - miles davis

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